Penticton and Area Cooperative Enterprises

Who We Are

PACE is a worker’s co-op that operates like a social enterprise, creating employment opportunities for people with barriers through recycling projects and other work initiatives. We offer flexible scheduling, job share opportunities and a supportive, inclusive work environment.

Why We Are Involved

PACE believes that anyone who wants to work should have an opportunity to do so. The majority of our workers have mental health disabilities and physical limitations that prevent them from working a traditional 40 hour per week schedule. Our mandate is to provide employment opportunities to people with barriers, with schedules that are tailored to meet individual needs.

Accessibility Initiatives

PACE tries to remove as many obstacles as possible for barriered people who want to work. Our initiatives include flexible scheduling, gradual entry, job-sharing, providing transportation to and from job sites and additional supports. Most of our workers are referred to us through supported employment programs and social organizations and we work in tandem to ensure each worker has the tools and support they need to succeed.