Who We Are

Mélange Publishing Group is the publisher of digital magazines Accessibility for All and Accessible Journeys that amplify the voices of people with disabilities.

They share their personal stories, advocacy efforts, accomplishments and travel experiences.

Travel bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers with disabilities are highlighted while destinations, activities, restaurants etc., that are welcoming of everyone, are showcased.

We view ourselves as a platform that helps to empower people with disabilities.

Mélange works with organizations to improve the lives of people with disabilities with a heavy focus on youth.

Why We Are Involved

Our company is a proud employer of people with disabilities and this matters to us because we firmly believe in the importance of being inclusive.

Everyone deserves to have access to the same opportunities and should be accepted by society regardless of their ability.

Everyone has a right to enjoy life and to have access to everything as their abilities and circumstances will allow—no one should be excluded.

People with disabilities should have the opportunity to contribute to their communities in whatever way they can, and this includes being able to seek and gain employment like the able bodied.

We believe in equitable opportunities for all.