Who We Are

Fable is an accessibility testing platform powered by people with disabilities. Fable moves organizations from worrying about compliance to building incredible and accessible user experiences. The best digital teams work with Fable to make products more accessible for over 1 billion people who live with disabilities.

Why We Are Involved

The idea of Fable started to develop as, ‘a place where developers can connect directly with people with disabilities.’ Design at Scale is the coming together of people who care deeply about building great user experiences. All people deserve to leverage the full power of the digital world.

Accessibility Initiatives

We are continually mindful of accessibility in both our internal processes as well as our external communications. The tools that Fable uses internally are chosen based on their accessibility so that all of our employees can easily interact with them. We contract people with disabilities who use accessible technology for paid opportunities to provide feedback on the accessibility of our customers’ digital products.