Who We Are

CanAssist at the University of Victoria envisions a society where all people have the opportunity to participate, contribute and reach their full potential.

Why We Are Involved

CanAssist – formerly the University of Victoria Assistive Technology Team (UVATT) – was established in 1999 by Dr. Nigel Livingston. Dr. Livingston was introduced to the disability community after his daughter, Hannah, was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome. During his interactions with health-care practitioners and those with disabilities, he discovered the great need for assistive technologies that could be customized to meet the sometimes highly specific challenges of individuals. Such devices were not readily available due to factors such as the complex challenges involved in developing them, the cost of production and the limited market for them. UVATT was formed to address this need by making use of the outstanding resources at the University of Victoria.

Accessibility Initiatives

At CanAssist all of our programs and services are accessibility-based with a value of inclusion. Within our staff we are also focused on ensuring the work environment is accessible for all.