Beyond the Conversation

Who We Are

Beyond the Conversation is a non-profit movement formed to alleviate social isolation and loneliness by strengthening community and friendship. We are a team of committed volunteers offering action-based solutions designed to de-stigmatize loneliness, raise awareness, and provide a thriving community of engagement and connection for participants and volunteers. “Loneliness and isolation only impact those that stand alone. Let’s try to make sure no one has to.”

Why We Are Involved

Social isolation and loneliness do not discriminate based on an individual’s status, age, gender, ethnicity, education, or values and it’s killing us. We come alongside them and help build lasting relationships and connections. In the process, many have gained life skills applicable to their future and have sensed a place of belonging. The participants find meaningful and authentic relationships built on trust, which are essential ingredients of holistic life with purpose.

Accessibility Initiatives

Yes. For example, we integrate some training delivered by CNIB facilitators during our Leadership Training. We also involve and seek advice from front line partners and the people they are serving with disabilities.