Who We Are

Founded in 2009, Accessibil-IT Inc. is owned by Wendy Lockyer and based out of Ontario with employees that span from Canada’s east to west coasts.

Accessibil-IT embraces diversity, equity, and a culture where everyone belongs.

Our mission is to make all documents fully accessible for people with disabilities. This can include people that are blind, or with visual and/or cognitive disabilities.

Our digital document accessibility services range from consulting to remediation of PDF documents, as well as Microsoft Office Suite source files.

For over 14 years we have successfully completed services for corporations, governments, education, not-for-profit and self-employed individuals across North America, as well as Great Britain, Asia and Australia. We accept and have experience with all sizes of engagements from 1 to 10,000 pages.

We are fully conversant with all relevant provincial and federal legislation and Standards. Our client’s deadlines are our deadlines. Customer service is critical to us.

Our IT infrastructure, policies and processes have been designed based on Personal Information Protection and Electron Documents Act (PEPEDA). Every document we make accessible is treated as confidential.

Why We Are Involved

We live in a digital world that demands attention to accessibility.

The business case for accessibility does not have to be complicated. If you have a website that links to documents, you leave behind business, and your clients, if those documents are not accessible to users of screen reading technologies.

To be an equitable employer, you need to ensure that everything from job applications to HR document are accessible to all.

Accessibility Initiatives

The services we offer remove barriers to digital communications for people who have visual or cognitive disabilities, from clients to stakeholders and employees.

Internally, we embrace diversity, equity, and a culture where everyone belongs. We provide accommodations to our team members as required.