Gabi & Jules Bakes Inclusion into Company Culture

In Port Moody, BC, a small municipality east of Vancouver, you will find a little bakery and coffee shop called Gabi & Jules.

Employer Case Study: Gabi & Jules

Known for their delicious pies, and other yummy offerings, Gabi & Jules is also known for something special: they are an inclusive, supportive employer.

As they say on their website,

“Our mission is to passionately create exceptional pies and baked goodness in a collaborative environment inclusive of individuals of all abilities.”

Lisa Beecroft and her husband Patrick named their bakery after their two daughters, one of whom has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Lisa wanted to create a place where families with children with ASD would feel welcome.

She also wanted to create a workplace that recognized the value in everyone and where people with disabilities, ASD in particular, are welcome, can contribute to the workplace, and build employment skills.

As a small business without a dedicated human resources team, Gabi & Jules has partnered with employment service providers to help fill job vacancies and to deliver on their commitment to be a supportive, inclusive employer. Lisa has found it helpful to be clear from the start with any partner that she works with about the support that she needs as an employer.

Asking questions and setting clear expectations has helped Lisa and employment partners to work effectively together.

Lisa hears often from customers that they come to Gabi & Jules because they feel welcome–they never feel judged.

And candidates come to Lisa, with resume in hand, because they know that Gabi & Jules is a supportive employer; they want to be part of that!

Because the Beecrofts were intentional with their vision, mission, and goals for the bakery right from the start, their employer brand has sent a strong, clear message: everyone is welcome here.


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