Breanne Grainger’s Story with an Inclusive Employer

We are profiling people with disability living and working in BC who love what they do! For this video, we worked with Gabi & Jules to spotlight Breanne Grainger’s story about working with an inclusive employer.

Autism CanTech! Program Video

Autism CanTech! empowers Autistic youth to gain meaningful roles in the digital workforce and help employers create inclusive workplaces.

Autism in the Workplace: Lucas’ Story

High school student, Lucas, loves his part-time job at Meridian Meats & Seafood. Through Canucks Autism Network (CAN) and Ready, Willing, & Able (RWA), Lucas was able to access on-the-job supports at Meridian to help him increase his confidence and find success in his work.

Accessibility vs Inclusion

Articulating the difference between accessibility and inclusion can be tricky. It’s important to understand when creating a workplace culture that engages with and values disabled people.

Making Room for Disability in Tech

Kirsten’s resume is impressive, however on paper, you wouldn’t assume she’d end up as the Head of Production at a 3D animation pipeline. Find out how she landed at Daz 3D and is making a huge impact to increase representation working in tech!

Neurodiversity, Work, and Me

‘Don’t be afraid to talk about it.’ Neurodiverse HSBC employees share their experiences and the distinct skills they bring to the bank.

Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification

This video from the 2018 Presidents Group Roundtable features Rick Hansen. He talks about the evolution of accessibility and the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification Program.

Ensuring Inclusion at All Levels of the Organization

This video from the 2018 Presidents Group Roundtable features Chris Hatton, former Presidents Group member and Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Head of Regulatory Compliance for HSBC Bank Canada. He talks about Training and Awareness – ensuring inclusion at all levels of your organization.

Broadening our Recruitment Strategies

This 2018 video features Nicolas Jimenez, President and CEO of ICBC. He speaks to how business leaders can broaden their recruitment strategies.

BC Hydro: Seeing Beyond The Job Description

This video from the 2018 Presidents Group Roundtable features Chris O’Riley, Presidents Group member and President and Chief Operating Officer of BC Hydro. He talks about BC Hydro’s Return to Work program: seeing beyond the job description.