Presidents Group Events and COVID-19


Our team has reached a very difficult decision to cancel upcoming Community of Accessible Employers events, including the upcoming Accessible Employers 101 trainings. This action is due to the increased level of concern around transmission of COVID-19 and official public health recommendations to consider alternatives to large gatherings in close environments.

While we recognize that overall risk is still reported as low, we also recognize that many people who are at the centre of our work and would like to attend events face higher risk due to disability or compromised immune systems either personally or within their families. It’s our intention to hold events that are safe and accessible to all.

We will look forward to rescheduling our events once this current issue is resolved.

Interim, please explore this website to stay up to date on how we can work together to create accessible employment for British Columbians living with disabilities and help businesses thrive.

– Presidents Group staff, Trish Kelly and Micaela Evans