Vancouver Film Studios

Who We Are

We are the only film studio physically located in the City of Vancouver, just 15 minutes from downtown and 25 minutes from the Vancouver International Airport. We are located on a multi-acre lot, offering our customers 13 state-of-the-art sound stages, construction mills, and office space providing 24/7 security.

We are a full-service facility, providing our customers with an array of on-site support services, including grip, lighting and lifts from Pacific Backlot Services, IT, phone and radio support from Signal Systems.

Why We Are Involved

In 2021, Vancouver Film Studios (VFS) proudly became the first purpose-built film and television studio facility in the world to be a Certified B Corp alongside their two subsidiaries, Pacific Backlot and Signal Systems. Although VFS was established in 1999, this achievement proved that impact and purpose is at the heart of how we operate.

We have published a Corporate Social Responsibility report since 2020 and it is this transparent account of our environmental, social and governance policies that push us to grow to become leaders in the industry

In 2023 VFS launched the Continuing Education Bursary program in partnership with local initiative Aged Out. This program provides $12k in annual funding to Indigenous status and non-status holding persons in British Columbia, Canada, in need of financial aid to pursue continuing education. This program is open to applicants of all ages for all studies and is distributed across several applicants to support them individually up to $3000.

2023 saw the second iteration of the annual VFS Indigenous Filmmakers Bursary. This bursary is open to Indigenous persons aged 18 or older in BC who need financial support to develop a proposed project whether it be a short film, music video, feature, etc. This bursary awards the recipient with $5000 in monetary support as well as in kind donations to develop their project. Winners are selected by an employee-led panel of volunteers who are solely responsible for the adjudication process.

In 2024, VFS hopes to partner with local organizations to strengthen the project and lead to an additional value add of networking opportunities for the filmmakers to support them in their career and not just one specific project.

Proudly carbon neutral since 2008, VFS has been leaders for Climate Action within the film industry. A key signatory and participant in local environmentally driven initiatives, we believe that we need to be setting the stage for greener production. Prior to the first day of shooting, the VFS team sit down with key production personnel to have a sustainability meeting where we share resources and discuss expectations while on the lot to align with our sustainability policies.

On the lot we have 100% renewable natural gas in all buildings, garbage cans are replaced with an extensive recycling program, and we have cigarette butt recycling. We’ve implemented a cosmetic recycling program available to productions as well as a mandatory no idling policy. We provide EV charging and have power drops available to eliminate the use of generators while at the studio.

As of 2022 we track and offset GHG emissions from all productions use of diesel generators while on location. We chose to do this partly to find a way to offset the environmental footprint these generators create but also to teach productions about just how much their productions are contributing to greenhouse gas emissions in this way.

We are a proud home to over 15,000 bees and host a pollinator friendly garden and community garden our crews and staff are welcome to contribute to. Annually a local vendor harvests the honey generated by the bees we have on the lot (over 50lbs!!) and we sell it by donation to our crews with all the funds going to a staff chosen community non-profit.

Vancouver Film Studios is incredibly proud of the culture and community we have built in the last 25 years and our commitment to our environment and community partners is just beginning.