SuperNatural Game Studios

Who We Are

We’re SuperNatural.

We build games with one goal: creating something unexpectedly amazing, for everyone to enjoy.

At the moment, we’re making a game that has us buzzing. It’s fresh and feeds our obsession with creating original work that’s fun in surprising ways.

We work as a team committed to letting unrestricted curiosity guide our creations. We question, rethink, and explore everything and anything together. This is why we require that we all have a voice in the work and we all welcome creative tension to discover what no one person can see alone.

We’re a group of veteran game developers with a respectable list of 90+ titles in the library and a handful of Bests in the trophy case. We value things like mentoring opportunities over dictating ideas, putting curiosity above experience, and deepening experiences with diversity over uniformity. We strive to support each other and our community, and to welcome new voices to enhance our culture.

Why We Are Involved

As a game company, we exist in a creative space that can only thrive when it has a broad set of experience to draw from. If we want to make games for everyone, then we need to hear a range of perspectives and that means including those who have not walked the same paths as each other.

Since our company was founded by veterans in the game industry, we have seen the examples of companies that have not embraced diversity and they invariably result in dead ends – games that are repetitions of other games, or teams which only know a single solution which they reuse to their downfall. But it is only in inclusion that you can build a safe enough environment for diverse teams to surface all of the brilliant options it has available to consider. Without the inclusion, team members know the safe thing to say and do, and this will not allow the best ideas to shine through.

Accessibility Initiatives

We have been founded in a remote-work friendly culture and we strive to ensure that those who are not able to come into our Vancouver studio are not disadvantaged by that reality. Also, our studio is wheelchair accessible and as we develop our studio, we want to ensure it is fully accessible to all employees.