Set 2 Close

Who We Are

Set 2 Close helps business owners, sales executives and their teams get the most out of their revenue operations processes and sales teams overall performance. By combining our holistic B2B sales strategies with customized CRM development, Inbound marketing, Ai selling technologies and Customer Success services, our clients gain the boost in sales productivity and efficiency they need to increase company revenues.

Our mission is to empower purpose-driven B2B companies to drive highly successful outcomes through cutting-edge technology solutions that enable businesses to reach their fullest potential. We envision a future where companies have fast, accurate and actionable data that they need to deliver well informed decisions.

Why We Are Involved

Our company is built around community development and support. We lead our clients and employees every step of the way towards highly successful outcomes while mitigating the risk of poorly designed processes.

Set 2 Close has specific goals around inclusivity and hiring to support highly skilled workers who are visible minorities including those who are neuro-diverse or have physical disabilities. This initiative is very close to the hearts of the Senior Leadership at Set 2 Close who all have family members who are neuro-diverse.

Accessibility Initiatives

At Set 2 Close, our remote positions allow our staff to work from home.