Pineview Vegetation Management

Who We Are

Pineview Vegetation is the leading vegetation management services company in Northeast BC, providing erosion and sediment control, herbicide application, hydroseeding, and consulting. We aim to help our clients success in areas of erosion control and invasive weed control while maintaining compliance with BC Ministry of Environment.

We believe environmental sustainability is a top priority, and we want the BC Peace to stay as beautiful as it is right now!

Why We Are Involved

We’ve recently been diving into creating a more inclusive employee environment thanks to team members advocating for those with disabilities, specifically dyslexia and vision impairment.

We moved a lot of our administrative forms to a digital platform to allow for customizations, such as talk-to-text and font sizing and type as these adaptations greatly assist our staff members who have disabilities.

Accessibility Initiatives

Yes! We’ve recently moved many of our administrative forms onto a digital platform in order to make it easier and more accessible to our staff members with disabilities, like dyslexia and vision impairment.

The talk-to-text features and font customization makes this much more accessible for our staff members.