Pallet Coffee Roasters

Who We Are

We exist to provide our community with exceptional coffee experiences. ​

Established in East Vancouver in late 2014, Pallet was born from a vision to make great specialty coffee accessible to all members of our community. We pride ourselves on being a locally owned and community-minded coffee company, and stand above the rest with our unwavering dedication to providing our community with an excellent product and love for specialty coffee.

From humble beginnings in a 4,000-square-foot space, previously home to a seafood packager, our very first multi purpose roasting and retail space at Pallet Semlin was created.

With a goal to showcase a variety of coffees from talented producers around the world, our dedication to demonstrating quality, traceability and transparency within specialty coffee began.

Over the next 5 years, Pallet steadily grew into the household name it is today, now with 7 locations spanning across Metro Vancouver. Today, Pallet is a full service Roastery, cafe and restaurant operator, training provider and wholesale partner to a number of businesses across Canada.

Why We Are Involved

Every single person deserves to have gainful employment and to be employed in a safe and inclusive space.

We want to ensure we are doing everything our power to work towards our goal of being that place for anyone that chooses to work with us.

Accessibility Initiatives

We are very new to this journey, I don’t believe there is much we have in place currently.