HD Russell Boots & Shoes

Who We Are

We are a local business in Vancouver. We are owned by immigrants and female owned and operated. We love being part of the East Vancouver community and try to contribute positively.

We are diverse, inclusive and sustainable small business. We have hopes to share the craft of shoe making, especially today when too many items are simply tossed away after a season or two. We prefer to repair instead of replacing.

Why We Are Involved

Because all individuals have skills and experience and value.

We started HD Russell with the memory of David’s lost brother. He died mysteriously in Iran, likely from a drug overdose. We often have regrets about the lack of support he received from family, society and government. We meet so many people from diverse backgrounds who we have made footwear for or completed repairs.

This is what drives us to continue to share our footwear and repair services. To share and help in ways to help folks express themselves without risk of judgement.

Accessibility Initiatives

We are relatively new and a very small business and we have had a limited amount of people we’ve been able to hire.

We have hired and worked with folks from a wide variety of background and will continue to.