Forestry Innovation Investment

Who We Are

As a Crown agency of the BC Government, Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) is focused on expanding opportunities for BC forest products and ensuring BC’s forest sector continues to grow and prosper, by:

  • Promoting wood’s environmental merits as a preferred, sustainable, renewable building material.
  • Expanding global markets by creating more opportunities in existing and new markets—especially in high-potential Asian countries like China, Japan, South Korea, India and Vietnam.
  • Showcasing B.C.’s leadership in innovative wood use and manufacturing to advance the use of wood at home and abroad.
  • Collaborating with government and industry partners to maximize our effectiveness in supporting the growth of the mass timber and engineered wood products sector in B.C.

Why We Are Involved

As part of our DEI journey, we are working towards identifying and removing barriers in all aspects of our organization.

This fiscal year, our priority is to focus on human resources and inclusive employment practices and what we can do in this area.

FII is committed to starting from within by equipping and empowering both management and staff to lead positive transformational change in the application of DEI and GBA+ in their work.

There is a shared responsibility for DEI and GBA+ amongst all levels throughout the organization to ensure that our work considers the diverse needs of our stakeholders – promoting and advancing accessibility, diversity, inclusion and equality.

Accessibility Initiatives

As we build our accessibility program, we’d be more than happy to share what we do. Un til then, we are under development.