Dexterra Group Inc.

Who We Are

Facilities management and operations, we customize strategic solutions for your space, infrastructure, people and organizational requirements. Dexterra facilities management and operations provides an integrated approach to its services, improving the overall efficiency and customer satisfaction of new or existing facilities, while reducing their total cost of ownership. In addition to Facilities management and operations, we also engaged in workforce accommodations, energy services, modular solutions and forestry.

Why We Are Involved

Dexterra Group has participated as a member employer since 2018 and is committed to being open, inclusive and supportive to everyone as we strive to empower and enable talented people from all walks of life. We want every member of our team to be their authentic selves while reaching and attaining their goals and the company’s goals.

Accessibility Initiatives

Dexterra is AODA compliant in Ontario and recognizes every person deserves the opportunity to grow and thrive. It is why we provide every accommodation a person needs to do their job. Rest assured, we’re committed to removing any and all barriers for our employees to succeed. We believe in inclusivity and value diversity. We believe inclusivity is core to our workplace culture and a mindset of diversity drives innovation. At each level of the organization, we actively create a work culture that inspires our employees to embrace initiative, drive innovation, be innovative and make our company a great place to work.