Credit Counselling Society

Who We Are

Our organization provides financial literacy education, credit counselling, and debt repayment solutions to people between BC and Ontario.

We have a team of compassionate and collaborative people who are motivated by being able to make positive impact in the lives of others, whether members of our team or our clients.

Vision: We inspire people to build a better future by guiding them through life’s financial challenges.

Mission: We help individuals and families achieve financial well-being through objective counselling, debt repayment alternatives, and education related to personal money management and the wise use of credit.

We Help. We Educate. We Give Hope.

Values: We are committed to quality and excellence in everything we do. We act with honesty, integrity, and ethics.

We treat all people with dignity, fairness, and respect.

Why We Are Involved

By nature, the people who have joined our team care deeply about the experience of those around us, within our team and those we serve.

While we have been speaking about having an inclusive workplace for quite some time, our awareness of potential barriers has deepened throughout the pandemic, and as a result, we have been enhancing our focus on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

As part of our ongoing growth, we are interested in being more intentional with our accessibility for those with disabilities.

In our annual engagement survey, close to 10% of our team has identified as having a disability that impacts them at work, and we recognize that the work that we do can be quite stressful, which bears some risk for compassion fatigue/burnout.

It is important to us to create a psychologically safe and supportive environment in which people know that it’s okay to ask for what they need to be successful at work.

Additionally, as a People & Culture department, we recognize that there are steps we can take to ensure that our job descriptions and hiring process are accessible, and to foster an environment in which people can feel comfortable to be themselves at work.

We have joined the Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion, and have participated in the CIRCA training through UBC, to better understand how to support employees experiencing neurodivergence.

Through a recent Greater Vancouver Board of Trade event, we became aware of the work Presidents Group has been doing, and want to continue our learning and sharing of ideas with other local organizations who feel similarly.

Accessibility Initiatives

Our accessibility initiatives are still reasonably new. We have a formal Accommodation policy in place, to ensure that employees know that they are supported if there are tools or adaptations that can be beneficial in the performance of their work.

Additionally, all members of our Leadership Team have participated in a Mental Health in the Workplace certification program, to ensure that there is a greater degree of awareness of the signs that an employee may be experiencing challenges, as well as the steps to take to support.

We offer training programs such as ‘Building an Inclusive Workplace’ and ‘Equity in Action’, and later this year will offer ‘Enhancing Accessibility of our Services’. While the latter is more focused on offering supports to clients with disabilities, the understanding that is built can help our team to feel better prepared to offer support to fellow employees as well.