Convo Communications Canada

Who We Are

Convo Communications Canada, Inc. (Convo Canada) was incorporated in early 2017 and everything we do is in line with ASL community based values. As a Deaf-owned, signing-centric company, Convo Canada is committed to finding solutions to challenges that impact Deaf/signing communities as well as supporting communication solutions for the general public.

Why We Are Involved

As a Deaf-owned company, we are in a unique position, unlike other interpreting service providers because our understanding of human connection is different from most. At Convo Canada, Deaf users and interpreters work together to connect humans through universal communication solutions shaped by cultural experiences.

With tools and resources at interpreters’ disposal, we aim to make every connection, both online and offline, happen as naturally as possible. The multi-layered experiences and perspectives of our interpreters, and customers, help shape our company. We are not numbers-driven, but quality-focused. We go above and beyond our daily work to make sure that our interpreters and employees feel valued.