Consumer Protection BC

Who We Are

Consumer Protection BC is a delegated authority assigned the responsibility to administer various BC consumer protection laws. The Authority was established in 2004 through the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority Act, and we align with public interest though an Administrative Agreement with the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General. Consumer Protection BC is governed by a Board of Directors that includes one government appointee, and we currently have approximately 50 employees based out of our Victoria or Burnaby offices.

The day-to-day work of the Authority includes the issuance of licenses for several sectors and occupations, the intake and management of consumer complaints, compliance inspections and investigations which are resolved through voluntary compliance or progressive enforcement. We have a diverse group of employees and work throughout the province within a highly diverse regulatory ecosystem and an every changing marketplace.

Why We Are Involved

Consumer Protection BC has always strived to be an accessible employer and have internal plans and actions in place to address diversity, equity and inclusion.

We are also named as a public sector organization in the Accessible BC Act and Regulation and our working towards compliance for September 2024.

Accessibility Initiatives

Consumer Protection BC has committed to creating an inclusive corporate culture – including: commitment to plain language publications, Sany’as Cultural Safety Training, Land Acknowledgements (for specific examples of Indigenous recognition), and inclusivity-focused internal training (Feminuity Intersectionality, UBC Microaggressions, etc.).