ConnectSeven Group

Who We Are

Events and Destinations for Economic, Social, and Environmental Change.

For events, conferences, and meetings, we offer industry-leading research based strategy and consulting — right through to full event planning, management, and production. If you’re looking to stage an impactful, purpose-driven event with high rates of engagement and activation — make ConnectSeven your go-to event solutions company.

At ConnectSeven we are not only award-winning event experts, we are also tourism researchers, consultants and sales agents, who are always on top of industry developments. Leverage ConnectSeven’s tourism expertise to make your destination a must-see for a whole new generation of travelers.

Why We Are Involved

At ConnectSeven we know that we all bring different and diverse perspectives with us, created from the unique lives and experiences we have had. We celebrate, welcome and respect everyone’s individuality, lived stories and perspective. We know that when people feel safe to share, and actively and openly listen to all other perspectives, this is how true connections are made.

By creating an environment where everyone is encouraged and feels safe to speak-up* and has a voice that is heard and valued, we know that our company and our clients only benefit, becoming more unique, inclusive and impactful.

We are actively working to increase diversity at all levels within our company, by expanding our network and outreach to more diverse channels. We know this will help us continue to grow, learn and thrive.

*regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, lifestyle, age, educational background, culture, ethnicity, national origin, religion or physical ability.