Community Living BC

Who We Are

Community Living BC, or CLBC, is the provincial crown corporation that funds supports and services to adults with developmental disabilities, as well as individuals who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and who also have significant difficulty doing things on their own. The law that describes our role is the Community Living Authority Act.

CLBC was created in 2005 when individuals and families came together with government to create a separate agency to meet their unique needs. CLBC works with individuals, families, service providers, community and government partners to help create communities of belonging, and lives with connection.

Why We Are Involved

We believe that to reach our vision of communities of belonging, lives with connection, the change needs to start with ourselves and the people, families, friends, and service partners who make up
community living.

CLBC’s actions must advance the vision and CLBC must operate in ways that allow us to effectively continue to support the people and families we serve into the future. CLBC also has work to do on strengthening our relationships with those we serve and ensuring that our actions align with our commitment to the rights of Indigenous peoples.

If we are successful in accomplishing these foundational changes, we believe the next set of steps on the pathway will happen: that those supporting the people we serve (self advocacy leaders, families, support networks, funded and community partners) will themselves be supported and valued and we will be effective in encouraging key influencers in childhood and community life towards inclusion.

Accessibility Initiatives

In accordance with the Accessible BC Act, CLBC has created an Accessibility Committee, Accessibility Action Plan, and a feedback mechanism for staff and the people we serve to provide feedback on barriers to accessibility.