Who We Are

Central 1 cooperatively empowers credit unions and other financial institutions to deliver banking choice to Canadians.

Central 1 provides critical services at scale to enable a thriving credit union system. We do this by collaborating with our clients, developing strategies, products and services to support the financial well-being of their more than 5 million diverse customers in communities across Canada.

Central 1 is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce by creating an environment where everyone feels like they belong and has the opportunity to be successful.

Why We Are Involved

Embracing differences is part of the way we do business and the concepts of diversity and inclusion are strongly embedded in the cooperative principles.

At its core, diversity and inclusion are about creating an environment where different views are shared and heard which is very aligned with our 3C culture of curiosity, collaboration and courage.

Central 1 wholeheartedly embraces an inclusive workforce that represents the diversity of our communities and recognizes that differences in gender, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, mental ability, thinking style and background are key to our ability to cooperatively empower those who deliver banking choice to Canadians.

Accessibility Initiatives

  • Participation in an inclusion survey to understand levels of inclusion among diverse backgrounds from both an individual and enterprise level.
  • Partnered with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion build awareness and offer educational courses.
  • Diversity and inclusion measures are included as part of our RFP process for recruiting firms.
  • Signed the Canadian Investor Statement on Diversity & Inclusion, a new initiative coordinated by the Responsible Investment Association (RIA) with commitment to promote D&I across its Investment Portfolio
  • Return to Work Program is focused on ensuring an accessible workplace for participants.
  • Flexible Future of Work Standard allows for hybrid working arrangement for all eligible employees.
  • Inclusive recruiting practices, including offers for accommodation at various stages in the process.
  • Strong relationship with local universities and technical schools to support co-op programs.
  • Employee family assistance program provides employees with access to confidential, qualified counselling professionals who can help support personal and work-related challenges before they affect an individual’s health, family or ability to work.
  • Accessible evacuation procedures – e.g. shelter in place for individuals with mobility challenges.
  • Access to benefits and tools that provide awareness on achieving financial, mental and physical health.
  • Created Employee Resource Group to provide counsel on bringing awareness and driving conversation on DEI topics and celebrating diverse employee driven networks across C1.