Bulldogs Fitness & Boxing Centre

Who Are You

Our Fitness and Boxing Centre is a community within a community. We foster a love for fitness and sport. Celebrating Diversity with Inclusion. Our facility is accessible and modify to each human’s goals.

Why We Are Involved

Inclusivity is a primary core value here at Bulldog’s. We celebrate the unique gifts each of our team members bring to the table. Everyone works toward the common goal of community in very different ways.

Accessibility Initiatives

  • We have ensured that we have an accessible shower/washroom.
  • We have an addition sport wheelchair for any member that may require it and not have the funds to purchase it themselves. (It’s a junior size) It’s a start. We chose junior size to ensure no child is left out.
  • We have designated accessible parking.
  • Both our entrances are accessible.
  • We have cultivated within our program modifications for all participants.