BC Civil Liberties Association

Who We Are

The BCCLA works to promote, defend, sustain, and extend civil liberties and human rights in British Columbia and in Canada.

We achieve this mandate through four core programs:

  1. Litigation in court.
  2. Law and policy reform initiatives.
  3. Public legal education.
  4. Coalition work and support of grassroots advocacy.

As one of Canada’s most successful non-government legal intervenors, we are known as a trustworthy advocacy organization that will stand in solidarity with equity-denied communities.

The BCCLA focuses on the relationship between people and the state, and the ways in which the state can limit or advance human rights and liberties. The BCCLA’s work pays particular attention to the needs of vulnerable individuals and oppressed communities, who would otherwise have difficulty securing redress for violations.

Why We Are Involved

The BCCLA seeks to be community-informed, to create opportunities to engage with grassroots advocates, and to ensure diverse voices are represented and included in our work.

We recognize that we have work to do to break down barriers and build a more inclusive employment environment as one step towards actioning our commitment to disability justice.

We have joined the inclusive employment movement so that we can learn and share in a community of people and organizations that share this commitment and strive for mutual accountability.