A Better Life Foundation

Ash MacLeod, Managing Director & Partner

Accessibility Leadership

Ash MacLeod was fortunate enough to be born surrounded by empathy and instilled with the confidence that his actions can inspire change. It’s one thing to care, but it’s another to believe that care will change the world.

Starting his first business at the age of 15, Ash has an early start at entrepreneurism and has enjoyed successful, meaningful careers in the music, hospitality and advertising industry and gained skills in each that would melt down and equip him to manage the various businesses of one of Canada’s foremost social entrepreneurs – Mark Brand. As a partner in that business, he oversees operations, business development and human resources for all 5 of the organizations including Save On Meats, Persephone Brewing Company, The Diamond, Catalog Creative and serves as Executive Director for A Better Life Foundation.

Ash manages a team that provides over 1,000 meals per day, each day of the year to citizens who can’t afford to eat, and by doing so creates meaningful employment for dozens of citizens who identify as having barriers to employment.

Our Organization

Who We Are

A Better Life Foundation is a social enterprise in the downtown eastside of Vancouver.

We are a lively, socially motivated venue and representative of the neighborhood and city we love.

Why We Are Involved

We believe in an inclusive community and have found success in hiring people from all walks of life.

Operating in the downtown eastside, we believe our staff should reflect the community.

Distinction and Awards

  • Certified B (Benefit) – Corporation Diner and Butcher – in the top scoring 90 percentile.

Accessibility Initiatives

  • Barrier-free employee hiring program working with over 20 community placement agencies including:
    • YMCA – Youth Skills at Work program; Ready, Willing and Able (Pacific Autism Family Centre); Disabilities Association of Vancouver; BC Partners in Workforce Innovation; and more.
  • On-going training from disability service organizations allows our organization to provide up to date, practical support for our employees.
  • Safe and accessible physical work space for employees with various needs.
  • Training and development program for managers to best address specific needs of employees.
  • Youth practicum training program with Housing BC.
  • Working commercial kitchen classroom available for training through programs like Knack, H.A.V.E Café, PHS, Atira, etc.

Accessibility Highlights

  • Approximately 70% retention of employees who identify as having a barrier to employment.
  • Dramatic reduction in training and recruiting costs since diversifying hiring practices.
  • Increased punctuality and ownership of the role since diversifying our hiring.
  • We are Canada’s first Certified B (Benefit) Corporation Butcher and Diner. A B Corporation must create a measurable, positive impact on society.