Equidox PDF Accessibility Solutions

Who We Are

We help our customers make their PDF documents accessible and usable for everyone, including people who use assistive technology to access websites and digital documents. We offer a best-in-class PDF accessibility software and expert remediation services.

Tim Needles, Onix President and CEO, says, “Accessibility is another challenge we can solve. We have a tool for this. No person should be left out of your organization’s success; no person should be excluded from your organization’s products or services.”

Why do we do what we do? Because we have the technology to do so. And because we want everyone to be included. We want digital information found everywhere to reach everyone. That is the essence of the Equidox accessibility mission and our team.

Why We Are Involved

Equidox knows that inclusion enriches our community and allows people with disabilities to participate more fully in society and be more independent. Accessibility means everyone can live full and independent lives, whether they have a disability now or may have one in the future.

Our team takes digital accessibility very seriously. It’s not just about the lawsuits and the regulations, and it’s certainly not about the checklists.

Why do we do what we do? Because we want digital information found everywhere to reach everyone. We have the technology to make it so. That is the Equidox accessibility mission.

Accessibility Initiatives

Equidox ensures all content is made accessible both for internal and external audiences. Employees are responsible for the accessibility of their content, including documents, emails, and social media.