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Headshot of Robin Silvester, President & CEO, Port of Vancouver
Robin Silvester
President & CEO

Leadership Profile


The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is responsible for the stewardship of federal port lands in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. We facilitate Canada’s trade objectives, ensuring goods are moved safely, while protecting the environment and considering local communities.


Diversity is a firmly held value within our organization at all levels. We know that a diverse culture leads to better collaboration, problem solving, and innovation.


  • 2016 – Employment Equity Achievement Award, in the Sector Distinction category, by the Federal Ministry of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour – for achievement in having the highest overall representation of visible minorities, women, aboriginal peoples and persons with disabilities in the transportation industry




  • Accessibility Internship Program offers one individual with disabilities per year an internship to meet a business need and provide an opportunity to develop work skills and experience.
  • Conducted a third-party accessibility audit of our physical space and undertook suggested improvements as recommended by the auditor.
  • Held training sessions for all employees on “Respect in the Workplace” and tailored management training sessions specific to their roles within our organization.
  • Employee equity and anti-harassment teams are made up of volunteers from all levels and departments within our organization.
  • Human resources partners on all of our hiring, in particular to avoid unconscious bias.
  • Actively pursue accommodations for individual employees to help them be more successful in their roles.
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program provides counselling and mental health support for all employees.


  • Partner with waterfront employers to lead diversity initiatives and to ensure diversity is kept top of mind in all of these organizations.
  • Revised our Equity Plan to include specific elements around persons with disabilities, and have established targeted measures.

Adapting the Workplace

Conducting a Physical Workplace Assessment

Image of various accessibility symbols

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority and BCLC have a commitment to diversity and inclusion. As part of this commitment, both workplaces initiated physical accessibility audits in their respective workplaces.

Co-op Programs & Internships

Accessibility Internship Program Changes Perceptions of Ability

Port of Vancouver

Photo of police officers talking to each other while standing in the yard of the Port of Vancouver

As part of that commitment to diversity, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority hosts an Accessibility Internship Program every year. The program offers one individual with disabilities an opportunity to develop work experience while meeting a pertinent business need.