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BC is facing a labour shortage with close to 1 million expected job openings by the year 2025 1. There are 334,000 British Columbians ages 15-64 that have a disability 2.

People with disabilities represent an important talent pool that is largely untapped.

There are many benefits to hiring people with disabilities including:

  1. Improved Productivity 3 – Research shows that diverse and inclusive workplaces are:
    • 2x more likely to meet or exceed financial targets.
    • 6x more likely to be innovative.
    • 6x more likely to effectively anticipate change.
  2. People with Disabilities Make Great Employees 4 – Among employees with disabilities:
    • Staff retention was 72% higher.
    • 86% had average or better attendance.
    • 90% performed equal or better than their coworkers without disabilities.
  3. Expanded Consumer Reach
    • The spending power of people with disabilities is over $55 billion dollars 5.
    • 90% of consumers prefer to engage with companies that hire people with disabilities 6.

For companies interested in gaining a competitive advantage, the business case for hiring people with disabilities is important to know. Hiring inclusively is just good for business.


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